Garcinia Cambogia: Critical Facts Revealed. My Weight Loss Journey.

Updated October 21, 2013 - Weight loss has been something I’ve struggled with all my life. Over the years I’ve identified two major challenges that everyone who’s struggled with their weight can relate to; finding the motivation to lose weight, and keeping the weight off for good once you’ve lost it. Imagine finally shedding those extra pounds, after turning down many delicious meals and putting in countless hours of workout time, only to have it come right back.

After years of trying to lose weight all alone, with virtually zero success, I finally decided it was time to start looking for help. I was lucky to one day come across a Dr. Oz special on TV about an extract called Garcinia Cambogia. Since discovering it, I’ve already lost 7 pounds in a little under a month, and my progress is showing no sign of slowing down.

I had to know what it was about this natural supplement that makes it so easy to lose and keep of the weight. Here is what I discovered…

So What Is Garcinia Cambogia?


Garcinia Cambogia is the extract from a small, yellow, pumpkin-shaped fruit from Southeast Asia called the Malabar Tamarind. Garcinia Cambogia extract is a pale, brown powder containing a compound called Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA).

Studies show that in order to be effective Garcinia Cambogia extracts must contain 60% HCA or more, like the one I use. Unfortunately, most other Garcinia Cambogia extracts only contain 50% HCA or less, making them largely ineffective.

The Science Behind Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Chemical structure of garcinia cambogia

The hydroxycitric acid (HCA) found in Garcinia Cambogia extract is a dual action fat blocker. It works first by preventing your liver from turning carbs and sugars into fat, giving you a lot more freedom in your diet. It then stops the little fat the does get produced from being stored in your body, further accelerating the weight loss process.

Clinical studies indicate why Garcinia Cambogia Extract is so effective:

  • Garcinia Cambogia (HCA) helps block fat production and storage
  • Garcinia naturally suppresses appetite, keeping you fuller longer
  • Garcinia increases serotonin levels for less stress and better mood
  • Garcinia helps control food cravings and reduces emotional eating

Other natural supplements largely go unnoticed, forcing you to rely on the extravagant claims they make in their heavily funded ad campaigns. HCA however, has managed to get the attention of the medical world, resulting in a several studies that support the same positive claims made by those already losing weight with Garcinia Cambogia Extract.

One of the most significant HCA studies was conducted by Georgetown University and, after 8 weeks of observed HCA supplementation, discovered:

  • body weight and BMI decreased by 5.4%,
  • low-density lipoprotein and triglycerides levels were reduced by 12.9% and 6.9%, respectively
  • high-density lipoprotein levels increased by 8.9%
  • serum leptin levels decreased by 38%
  • serotonin levels increased by 44.5%
  • urinary excretion of fat metabolites increased by 32-109%

Orange RectangleIt’s important to note that results like these are only possible with Garcinia supplements that contain a minimum of 60% HCA. I personally recommend you use the same supplement that I use, Miracle Garcinia Cambogia. In addition to containing 60% HCA, it’s made in the US in a GMP certified lab too. Miracle Garcinia also has a facebook page with several success stories of people using 60% HCA Garcinia Cambogia.

Sounds Great, But Are There Any Side Effects?

Your probably thinking this all sounds great but aren’t there side effects associated with Garcinia Cambogia? If so, how many and how severe are they?

Well, Medical studies showed no difference in terms of adverse reactions and side effects between the subjects treated with Garcinia Cambogia extract and those in the control group who received a placebo instead of the real medication.

5 Things to Look For In Your Garcinia Cambogia Supplement

miracle garcinia cambogia extract label

There are many products on the market that contain Garcinia Cambogia extract, manufactured by different companies from all over the world. When deciding on the right supplement to take, you want sure to look for the following requirements so you choose one that works.

  1. The product should contain 60% HCA (hydroxycitric acid), avoid it if there is no percentage is given.
  2. The serving dosage should be 800 mg or more, which is the recommended dose to be taken daily, 30-60 minutes before your three main meals of the day.
  3. The product should be free of artificial ingredients, fillers or binders. This is usually mentioned on the box or on the label. If the mention isn’t there, don’t buy it.
  4. The supplement should be made in a certified lab in the USA. Many of the cheaper supplements are bottled in foreign countries which comprises the quality and purity of the product
  5. Avoid anything that claims to be endorsed by Dr. Oz as he does not recommend any particular brand

“I personally recommend Miracle Garcinia Cambogia as it meets all of these requirements.”

Click below to visit the Official Miracle Garcinia Website


Note: If you are located outside of the US/UK/AU/CA/NZ my recommendation would be to use this link for Garcinia Cambogia Select as they ship internationally.

Maximize Your Success with Garcinia

Here are my tips to lose weight quickly with Miracle GCE.

  1. Assess your body weight and adjust your dosage accordingly before each meal.
  2. Start with 1 capsules, 2 times a day (start with more for fast results); 30 min before lunch and dinner.
  3. After 1-2 weeks, assess your body weight again and adjust the dose up or down for quicker or slower results.
  4. Don’t panic if you don’t lose weight. You might be replacing the fat with muscle mass.
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  • Review Summary:

  • A great way to lose weight and maintain the weight loss


  • Miracle Garcinia Cambogia extract contains 60% HCA, 10% more than other extracts
  • Miracle Garcinia Cambogia extract capsules contain 1000mg (600mg of HCA)
  • MGC extract is 100% Pure, No Fillers or Binders
  • Miracle Garcinia Cambogia extract is made in the USA in a GNP Certified Lab
  • MGC guarantees your satisfaction
  • MGC is a secured website for shopping
  • ComplyGuard, SafeBuy, and Norton assure a safe shopping experience at
  • Garcinia Cambogia extract helps stop the fat production process
  • Garcinia Cambogia extract helps suppress appetite
  • Garcinia Cambogia extract helps stop emotional eating

164 thoughts on “Garcinia Cambogia: Critical Facts Revealed. My Weight Loss Journey.

  1. Can you please if you can sell this product to australia. If yes can you tell me the total cost.Many thanks.

  2. Would love to give the highest rating… As of yet, though, I have hesitated from fear that the product will have the effect of giving me anxiety, i.e. like too much coffee or such. Do you have thoughts or an answer regarding such?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Patti,

      Garcinia is actually touted as a non-stimulant weight-loss supplement and the only noticeable sensation would be from the purported higher levels of serotonin.

      Thanks for stopping by to comment :)

    • Patti,
      Ive been using Garcinia Cambogia as well as green coffee bean extract at the same time, it works great and does not give you any jittery side effects!

    • Hi Patti,
      I was drinking regular coffee and had to stop. It gave me the jitters, made me very nervous. Now that I no longer have anything with caffine in it I’m fine.

  3. It’s very effective I’ve lost a pound daily but worried cause I’m getting upset stomach nausea and diarrhea is this normal!?

    • Jay, there is always a chance that you could have gotten a case of food poisoning and your symptoms are unrelated to taking the supplement. However, I would consider being very careful and possibly even ceasing to use Garcinia if these symptoms persist.

      If you do some research on the internet regarding Garcinia you will find that one of the major side effects is hepatotoxicity. At least one brand has already been taken off the market due to this. Some of the symptoms you have described sound similar to what you may experience if you were suffering from chemical-induced hepatotoxicity (

      This can be very dangerous as it damages the liver. One statistic states that drug induced liver injury is responsible for half of all cases of acute liver failure.

      I wish you luck in your weight loss and hope you take care of yourself.

    • Upset stomach and diarrhea is a result of fat loss. Fat doesnt just disappear, the processed fat has to exit somehow

    • I have not loss anything and I have been on it since Friday morning and it’s Wednesday. I did the 15 min before breakfast and nothing so I started yesterday with taking it and just not eating. Any suggestions for a 39yr old female. I am taking the miracle cambogia, 1000mg

  4. What happens after you take the supplements? Will you have to continue to order the product to maintain?

    • For maintenance, I would recommend taking Garcinia for no more than 3 consecutive months, with a break of one month in between 3mo intervals.

      • Garcinia increases levels of Serotonin in the brain. SSRI antidepressants do the same, which may lead to “Serotonin Syndrome”. However, Wellbutrin isn’t an SSRI so it’s very unclear. I’d recommend checking with your Doctor.

    • For the person who is worried about taking Garcinia with a antidepressant, I’m on Lexapro and have no side effects at all. Plus several other medications. Cheri don’t worry. I was worried about taking it also.
      Good Luck

  5. I made sure that I got a bottle filling all of the necessary components and have been using it now for three weeks. I have been eating super healthy and work out regularly and I have not lost any weight or inches. I actually feel like I have gained weight and look and feel bloaty.????

    • Hi, just seen your comment, I would encourage you to keep taking it, it will start breaking through soon, maybe try and drink aloe Vera with it, really helps adding on at loosing toxins! I take it and I had a3 babies, I am only 8 stones, feeling really good!

  6. I just start taking it I took three capsules and i felt dizzy most of the day, so i waited until the evening and took two.

  7. If you have trouble swallowing pills, can you break the capsules and sprinkle on food?

    • If it is in a capsule I would say: yes. The only time where this would be a problem is if the drug/medication was in a time-release tablet or capsule in which case breaking it apart would potentially lead to an overdose.

      From what I have seen that is not the case with this supplement and it should be safe to pull it apart and mix with a small meal. However, Garcinia is purported to be most effective when taken at least half an hour before your main three meals of the day.

  8. Hi i was wondering if there had been any women who are over weight who are also pregnant. Who have been advised by their doctor to lose weight that have tried this product?

    • Hi, I wouldn’t take this product if you are pregnant, as it makes food fat in energy and it won’t help your baby development, but if you are trying to lose weight whilst pregnant I would encourage you to drink aloe Vera, it’s really good and hasn’t got any effects during pregnancy, I have taken up to 7 months pregnant, my baby was very healthy! It will help you loose weight, feel good and more, you can try and take garcinia after you had the baby, and lose more weight, no rush’

      • I have heard that drinking Aloe Vera is dangerous while pregnant. You should always check with your physician before taking any medication or supplements especially if pregnant!

    • I agree with the above comment and would also like to add that taking Garcinia Cambogia might put extra strain on your liver which will already be working harder than usual to make up for the extra little person growing inside of you. Please do not risk it.

    • I wouldn’t encourage it, you need your baby to be putting on weight and all the nutrition they need it will be taken away with garcinia, you don’t need that, but after you had your baby you can try

    • I would like to remind you of the increased strain that pregnancy will already by putting on your body. By taking a drug like garcinia cambogia you will be putting extra strain on important organs such as the liver, which will already be under stress. Please speak to your doctor or local health professional before doing anything.

  9. I have read the Calcium reverse or stops the effect of HCA (hydroxycitric acid) …any truth in this?

    • I have heard the same thing, I noticed no one answered your question. I am also interested in the answer.

  10. Just recieved my bottle and taken 2 tablets this evening..
    I am hoping to shift some stomach fat and reduce my bust…

  11. I to like Cheri take 300mg of Wellbutrin daily would like to know if I can use this product?

    • I am on Wellbutrin and have been on this supplement for about 2 months. I have lost 10 pounds and feel great. I am also taking my regular multi-vitamin, vitamin D, and supplementing with Yerba Mate. I am working out regularly and eating healthy- which in essence is what is really going to cause weight loss.

  12. can u drink phentermine 37.5 mg pills with this product?

    can u drink this product with colon cleansers?

    • stop taking phentermine 37.5 Im 29 and they messed up my heart and caused so many bad side effects look up the side effects its very bad! Im just looking out for your health its up to you if you its your body Ive just been through terrible things with that pill. But this seems healthier and natural im going to read more about it. :)

      • Cindy, I’m so glad you told her(Guillermina) about phentermine,It is the worst,It will kill you.They gave me heart palpatations to a point where I couldn’t catch my breath.It messed my friend’s heart valve up.They should make it whereas no one can get these pills,they can be/are deadly!

        • Yes Kim I totally agree with you your life isnt worth it! I learned the hard way and now its just healthy eating and exercise is the only way. idk about these though I’m looking into them cause they seem to be natural. do you know anything about them?

        • Does this really work? I want to try it but am super skeptical. I went online to order it and it was saying to loose over 30 lbs you need a 3 month supply. That’s like $100. I can take HCG for $100 and loose 30 lbs in 45 days. Plus I’ve read a lot of people aren’t looking weight that change their diet and exercise. Are you not supposed to?

    • you could email me for my story i dont mind sharing trust me i was on these pills for a yr cindynoriega @

        • Sure what did you just order? I would perfer email to go into detail but Ill be a while to reply just cause I’m at work. But my email is there so just email me when you have a chance.

      • Cindy – Could you please share a little on here? I see so many posts where it didn’t work for people & this is where we’re supposed to see comments on it working or not.

  13. I am 15 and i really need to loose weight and since i cant go to the gym by myself till im 16 would you recommend this for me ?

    • Most weight loss pills are meant for 18 years or older; because, women are still growing at your age. Have you talked to your Doctor about your weight concerns? Loosing weight is great; but, being healthy feels great. Just a little FYI. Good Luck hun.

      Love & Light

    • I would not recommend taking this at such a young age. You’re so young and it will be easy for you to lose weight just by cutting out the carbs and eating healthier. EXERCISE! EXERCISE! EXERCISE! There’s no better resolution to losing weight than exercising daily.

    • You don’t have to go to the gym to loose weight. Jog around the block do sit ups an lunges, if you want to help push things along buy some light free weights at Walmart for a few bucks :) best of luck

      • One of the definitions of medicine is “A drug or other preparation used for the treatment or prevention of disease” so this could very well fit into this category if you consider obesity to be a disease. It definitely comes under complementary or alternative medicine.

        Everything contains chemicals!!

  14. Where could we buy this to try to grow it in my garden! :) That would be so cool! Im from san Antonio TX

  15. This product doesn’t work for me. Instead it make me to eat more. why? I thought it was suppose to make you full, so you don’t feel hungry and eat much?

  16. Do have to continuously take it to keep the fat off or when u stop taking it does the fat come back?

  17. Hi… I’m interested with this product. Would like to check whether can I get it if I stay in Malaysia. Thanks!

  18. been taking this for a month and have not an ounce!! im going to return and get my money back. what a waste.

  19. As i aged to 50 + my weight has just exploded, although i do not eat as much, i don’t get around as much. surgery is an option but expensive even with insurance. Now i am 150 pounds over weight and i need help soon.

  20. hi i ordered a bottle and this is my third day on them. The bottle says two capsules but reading the net it says to take 2 twice a day. what am i ment to be doing?

  21. Hi there, I have been using Garcinia Cambogia 50% HCA for about a month. I go to the gym 5 times a week, but that is standard for me. I was hoping that GC tablets would help me loose more weight, as my weightloss has plateaued, but it hasn’t. I haven’t lost any more weight since starting these. The bottle states 2 tablets a day, but should I maybe try 1 tablet before my 3 mail meals a day? Or do you have suggestions/recommendations for me?

    • I would try adjusting the does up or down. Some studies say less dosage = more weight loss, while others are the exact opposite. If Garcinia doesn’t work for you, I would suggest something like Green Coffee Bean or White Kidney Bean extract.

  22. Can you please if you can sell this product to malaysia. And how to buy. If yes can you tell me the total cost. Many thanks.

  23. Im in my 3 day i weight 157 wanna get to 130 im drinking one pill in the a.m and one in the afternoon is that the right dose??

  24. Hi I have just got my bottle of Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract. Today in the mail. the extract say on the product on the bottle is 50% HCA. GC 1000mg is this good? I hope that this product will help me. I am going to start taking it on Monday 16th. I am going to eat healthy and workout every day while I am on this product I am 32 years of age I have a 3 year old and a 22 moth old as well. my weight atm is 75 kg. So I ll see how I go with 60 capsules. and I have another bottle the same. Would have like 60% HCA, but I ll just see how I go with my 1 st bottle? Kid of excited to see if my weight comes in the next d month now.

  25. I’ve been taking GC since Sunday and have not lost anything, should I have lost something? I’ve tried lots of weight loss pills and think that I am just freaking out. I’m taking 2 pills in the morning and one before lunch

  26. Hi my husband ordered me 2 bottles of pure garcinia cambogia extract,I wanted to know if is safe to take this it says
    60hca. 1000mg it says to take two capsules 30 minutes prior to meal,, ,,but is it ok if im juicing =}

  27. To all of you asking wether this suppliment can be taken with Such & such medication….

    go ask a doctor…this is a blog, not a medical forum.

    A- do NOT take while pregnant. Infact don’t take ANYTHING while your pregnant unless PRESCRIBED by a doctor.
    B- do NOT take while breast feeding, no studies have been done on this suppliment and transfer through breast milk. There are a number of medications you can take while breast feeding, but anything that alters a process in your body, I would not suggest taking.
    C- do NOT Take if you have prior heart, liver or kidney issues.
    D- when in doubt, ask a physician, they are the only onces that can TRUELY help you…not some strangers on the Internet…

  28. can you sell this new product to alnahdy agent pharmacy in saudi arabia to help alot of people.
    if u have (randomized clinical trials) study on that please e mail me.
    And is this product approved by FDA or not? please let me know.

    thanks alot for helping people to lose weight.

  29. I am in Nigeria how do I get it. I am a size 16 had added weight due to child birth. I want to first use it on myself, then apply to be a distributor here. Reply me please

  30. I have been taking Carcinia for 6 weeks and have GAINED 6lbs. I work out 5 days per week, one hour cardio and weight training. My diet has not changed since starting this dosage of 2 pills per day before meals. What should I do, stop or keep trying?


    • I have been using GC for 2 weeks, I read a lot of feedback and information before starting to use this product. I think that the claim to great weight loss is hype to sell the product, however I was very interested to see if GC did help eliminate fat and help build muscles. So I measured my waist, I also weighed. I have not changed my diet, however I have found that after about a week, I am no longer looking in the cabinets, fridge for something sweet to eat, I have a major sweet tooth, I am a snacker, I love chips and crackers. I have noticed not only am I not looking for sweets, after dinner I haven’t snacked, which is amazing for me. Especially since I wasn’t trying to avoid sweets or snacking. I noticed that I was feeling bloated and realized that I was feeling constipated, I remembered reading in a lot of the reviews that some were using a colon cleanse with this product, I did not want to do that every day but did use colon cleanse for one day and I am no longer feeling bloated. I realized also that I had not been drinking enough water, I think that is very important when taking GC, the body has to have extra fluids to move fat. I noticed when I put my belt on yesterday that I was tightening up several notches, I feel great…
      I weighed in this morning I have lost 3 pounds, and I have lost 3.5 inches in my waist I am very excited. I love the fact that I have lost some weight and inches and I haven’t even thought about what I was eating, that automatically without a conscious thought I have eliminated most of the sweets that I ate everyday, and no urge to snack after only 2 weeks on GC…Looking forward to seeing how this works several weeks down the road…

      • and how are you doing today? Oct 23, 2013
        What product (name brand) did you purchase? dosage?

    • Im in the exact same situation, i eat healthy and workout regularly and i have gained almost 10 pounds on this over 2 months!!! Im not sure why? But i would like to know if i should start my third bottle or get off of it. Not Happy..

  31. Hi , am a 27 year old woman from South Africa , how do i get this product. I really want to loose weight.

  32. I am interested in buy Garcinia Cambogia but I haven’t moved forward with this yet because my problem area is really only my stomach, so I am only interested in loosing inches around my waist and not a total body weight loss with the fear that I might be too skinny. Is this still going to be a good option for me to use? Thanks.

  33. Thanks for the reviews.
    How can I get the product in Nairobi , Kenya. I desperately need it.

  34. I weigh 145lbs but I have a lot of belly fat and a bit of muffin top. I want to lose weight from my belly and my thighs. Is it ok if I take this product?

  35. When I ordered these pills, they at first did not work. I called for a refund, customer service did refund 1/2 the money and sent me a diet to follow and told me to keep taking it that some people needed to be on it a little longer to see results. The bottle says to take 1 cap twice daily 30 mins before meals. I did stay on it and started to feel great, I saw my abdominal bloating going down and was seeing results. I did loose 10 lbs in the first 3 weeks. However,I started getting headaches and related them to the pills. I stopped taking for a bit, still with headaches. Contemplating going back on them. Just drink alot of water with the pills.

  36. How often and what dosage should someone be taking? The bottle says two tablets one time per day. Please let me know.

  37. I have IBS. These tablets seem to irritate my stomach. Will these IBS-related symptoms go away. Anyone else experiencing this, and for how long?

  38. I have been on GC for a week now and have lost 7 pounds!! It’s amazing, I feel like I’m constantly full. I’ll eat 5 bites of cereal and I’m stuffed! I will say that I have had a little stomach ache and some soft stools but I believe it’s because of the excess fat exiting the body somehow. I would definitely recommend this!

  39. I just started the product today Sept 21, 2013….I took two pills as recommended…. The instruction are not clear on how many times a day one would need to take the product… I’m taking 1000mg w/60%(hca) x 2…. I will post back in a week to see how effective this product is with weight lost….Good Luck to all…

  40. Hi. I just received this and the bottle says not to take more than 2 a day but you said you took
    4. Is that more benifical?

      • Hi, I’ve just started taking Pure Gardinia Cambogia Extraxt (50% HCA) the bottle says take 2 Capsules a day, would you recommed taking 2 Caps, twice a day. Cheers Lisa.

        • I took 2 capsules, 2 times a day; in the afternoon around lunch and in the evening before dinner

          • Hi Brittany, it’s me again Lisa, thanks for the previous info, I’ve been taking the tabs for 4 days & increased my dose yesterday. I’m feeling really good & even thinking my stomach dosen’t look as bloated. I’m just wondering if its normal to actually gain weight as my scales say i’ve put on 1.1 kgs in 4 days… what do you think, i did watch the segment from Dr Oz who says obviously muscle weighs more than body fat… Not sure what to think but I am really wanting this to work as i’ve read so many good things about it. Talk soon Lisa.

  41. What is the maxium dosage of Garcinia Cambogia per day? The instruction are not clear on how many times a day one would need to take the product… I’m taking 1000mg w/60%(hca) x 2….

    • The maximum I recommend is 3 grams (6 capsules) of GCE daily.
      Ex. 1 cap in morning, 2 before lunch, 2 before dinner

      • That’s 5 caps not 6. There has been no exact answer as to the dosage. Bottle of Pure Garcinia Extract says 1 cap 2x a day. Every answer here is different. Does ANYONE know the correct dosage or is it just trial and error?

  42. I have been using the brand sold at the Vitaminshop, made by Lean Body. it meets all of the good criteria and does not have fillers etc… I used to work out daily and was doing 100 burpees, 5 times a week. I am not fat, but wanted to lose the muffin top (I’m 44 with two kids) so I stay active, diet etc…and the scale was not budging! About the same time I bought the G Cambogia, I got a bad case of poison ivy, so I quit exercising because it made the welts itch. After 2.5 weeks of just taking the G Cambogia (and not exercising), I’m down 7 lbs!!! It definitely makes me less hungry. I am starved in the morning, but I am not hungry for much of a dinner. I drink a few beers at night, I eat 3 meals, I don’t watch what foods I eat, just a well balanced diet….and the pills worked for me. I will try it another month and see what it does, but I am VERY pleased. By boyfriend even said that my belly was gone.

  43. My case is a little complicated. Doctors aren’t sure how this could effect me. But being that it effects the liver…could this be a bad choice for.
    I had what’s called an Islet Cell Transplant. Due to congenital Chronic Pancreatitis.
    My pancreas, along with my spleen and gallbladder…have been removed. My islet cells, responsible for producing insulin, were harvested and injected into my liver.
    My liver now produces insulin. I had this done 2 years ago, and doing fairly well. I no longer have my pancreas. Not one piece. I have to take pancreatic enzymes. I don’t take insulin (some people do, I’m one of the lucky ones).
    You’d think I’d be skinny…but I’ve gained a lot of weight in my abdominal area and am constantly eating.
    I’ve been reading all I can about GARCINIA CAMBOGIA…there doesn’t seem to be many cons. But being that it mostly effects the liver…could this not be the best choice?
    Like I said, my doctors aren’t sure.
    I was thinking of trying it for a week and see how it goes.
    What do you think?

  44. hay i want to ask a question. will we gain our weight again after stop using the garcinia cambogia supplement? thanks

  45. I started dieting and working out 5-6 days a week, 6 months ago. After losing 27lbs, my weight plateaued. I tried changing my work out drastically, changing my diet, even drinking processed egg whites. It didn’t budge. After researching GC for a week, I went for it. I started a week ago. I have dropped 4lbs. I was shocked! I had no real side effects, other than it didn’t decrease my appetite. In fact, I feel more hungry now, than I did before using GC. But that’s just my results. So far, I’m happy with it. We’ll see what next week brings. Those who may have gained weight, I’ve learned through a personal trainer friend that any time you do any type of strength training, you WILL gain weight as your muscle mass increases. This was the case for me in the beginning. But as you build up muscle, it muscle helps you burn more fat, in a faster amount of time.
    Anyway, glad to hear this product has worked for so many, and for those it has not, be patient, make small changes to your work outs or diets. And most importantly, don’t give up!

    • I live in Toronto. Can you please advise which brand you purchased and from where. Thanks in advance

    • Ross, you’re supposed to take one-two pills 30-60 minutes PRIOR to eating :) (good luck, I just ordered my first two bottles today).

  46. Hi, I’m thinking about starting this product, and I would like to know about what other people have done while on this product to expedite their results, or if you don’t even have to change your diet and exercise regiment to see results. Thanks.

  47. I ordered mine about a week ago and still have not received it.
    Congrats to all who have stuck with the process – I hope I will have good results also.

  48. Hello i am just wondering if taking this will help me. I have polycystic ovary disease and need to lose weight. Is this something that can be recommended to help.

  49. I have a hard time swallowing capsules! Can you get this in the form of lozenges? If not, do you get the same effect if you open the capsule to pour contents out in order to swallow?

  50. Is this product all natural and can it be used in conjunction with other weight loss supplements?

  51. Hi,
    Will this product be beneficial for someone who works out 5-6 times a week & eats 6-8 meals a day + takes a carb shake & protein shake.

    Also would I find any adverse side effects if I take premix workout whilst taking this product?

  52. Hi Brittany, Do you shipped out the product to Singapore? can you tell me the cost of the shipping and how many days it process? Looking forward hearing from you soon.


  53. I am over weight and i have been trying to conceive. By taking the Garcinia Cambogia Extract will it Affect Fertility?

  54. I was just wondering….I only want to lose stomach fat and nothing else I don’t want anything else to get smaller so if I take this will I just lose my stomach?

  55. I can’t swallow the pill Garcinia Cambogia extra can I put it n the water to drink

  56. Someone asked a very important question and I did not see a reply.
    Can a person that is taking 300 to 400mg of wellbutrin daily take this product safely?

  57. Hi my name is Nikole I saw your site and wan to leave my testimonial here, I have lost over 20 pounds with Garcinia and I made a Garcinia Cambogia Extract review on youtube if you want to watch. I want to say that it worked for me and I encourage you to try it. I also know about miracle garcinia brand and its a very good one so my review is of 5 stars :)

    Thank you for posting this info and good luck to everyone.


  58. hi there i was wondering does anyone know if taking these can cause discomfort or stitch type chest pains as i started taking them yesterday and today i ended up at the doc to have an ecg n my bp checked it was normal i am on meds for my BP and Anxiety i am going to see my doc thurs to find out what he says other ppl i know who are on them say they never felt better so im hoping it will pass

  59. Read about this capsules. Could you please tell me where in South Africa this product can be purchased.

  60. The links on this article DO NOT take you to the Miracle Gracinia Cambogia website but to one that sells only a 50% HCA product? Please advise.

  61. I have been on this Garcinia Cambogia diet for a week. The fat around my waist are melting away. My husband and friends notice my weight loss. I feel terrific,but I did get a slight headache for 2 days when I first started taking the pills. I take the pills an hour before breakfast and dinner. That’s my major meal through out the day at lunch I eat very light like a grilled breast chicken with salad and a bottle of water. I brought a 3 month supply and do not regret I brought the Garcinia Cambogia.

  62. Thanks for all of the info. Do you know how this compares with A.C.E. weight loss supplement?

  63. where can i but this in the UK or please send me a link where i can order from thanks.

  64. Hi everyone. I received 5 bottles of GC from Burbank CA United States this morning. My bottle reads 50% HA, no additives, no preservatives, 100% GC extract, 500 mg per capsule total cost $175.00 NZ
    I intend to record my weight loss journey here to keep me on track.
    I am 56 years old, as at 11 October 2013, I weigh in at 88kgs , 177cm tall and I hope to shed as much as I can before a family reunion at Christmas. If this does not work I will surfing the net for GC tablets with 60% HA

    Will keep you posted

  65. I have been using it for a week now, but the mistake I made was I also took raspberry ketone twice a day, it made me jittery and I had the runs, but this product on its own is great, no more side effects

  66. Started the capsules last week….day seven today. Appetite is slightly suppressed. made it through two thanksgiving dinners ( canadian!) and weighed four pounds less this morning. I feel motivated during the day and my sleep has improved. I have a 60 capsule bottle so after the three weeks of using the GC I will decide if I should contiue. I am a 46 year old male, 6’1′, 272 pounds when I started.

    • Hi Allan, I see you are a Canadian and so am I :) Can you please advise where did you buy your GC. Thanks in advance !!!

    • Hey there! I was wondering if a fellow Canadian could possibly bother you for some details on your journey with this supplement. Also where you got it.

    • Nope note the legit ones it seems, I ordered mine off of bid and buy just yesterday and it’s shipped in from the USA. So I think that would be more reliable. But the company Eternal Beauty produces some in SA I’d you are willing to try that.

  67. I have been taking this product for a month now and I have had no such side affects, but have lost 4inches off my stomach.

  68. Can you please see if you can sell this product to Nigeria. If yes can you tell me the total cost.Many thanks.

  69. I have just received my 3 x 60 caps Miracle Garcinia Cambogia. I am on day 3. Haven’t seen any movements on the scale. I walk about 5km per day. I did however have a bit of a blow out with cookies & chocolate yesterday & no gain! That’s a plus. Gonna be good now & I’ll let you know what transpires in the next week. I got suckered into buying Nuroven. No joy there. Then I researched & found Miracle Garcinia Cambogia (MGC). There was a site I found last night that said MGC was a scam & I freaked! Thought I’d been suckered in again. Then I did a bit more research & found this site which is more helpful as the one that said MGC is scam really didn’t have anything to back up their claim. I think it’ll work.

  70. I don’t eat breakfast. I’ve never been hungry til close to lunch, so I just drink coffee. Should I still take the GC at breakfast time or only when I eat lunch and dinner?

  71. I’m concerned that the product isn’t working for me. I am on my second bottle and 1st bottle of the green tea extract. I started out weighing 242 lbs. I now weigh 237. That’s only 5lbs. I’m a little disappointed but I don’t want to stop until I have given this product a fair amount of time. Should I use more of the product even though it only says to not take more than the recommended dose? I exercise and eat healthy. Please give me your thoughts.

  72. Is this drug only intended for woman only?. Also I don’t need to loose to much weight I am wondering if it will be useful as a body building supplement to help shredding as I don’t want to take things like clenbutrol.

  73. I have found ALOT of questions are unanswered – begs me to wonder why?? I understand the medical questions with cross related drugs which only your GP can answer but there are some valid questions on here that don’t appear to be getting answered. I have ordered but not yet received am sceptical but will remain positive that this can potentially work.

  74. I’ve been on Garcinia for 1 week and haven’t lost any weight at all. My energy level has gone up. Guess it doesn’t work the same on everyone.

  75. Ive been taking the product for 2 months, i eat well and exercise regularly, but somehow I’ve managed to gain 10lbs! Its having opposite results and I’m wondering if i should start my third bottle?? Any idea why this would be happening?

  76. Hi All,
    I’m really confused about this product. I’ve been on this for 3 weeks and gaining weight. Is this normal. My husband was down to 289 and now he is 294. I went from 177 to 179. Need help. We take GC faithfully. Need to lose weight for health reasons. Were retired, don’t get much exercise due to health issues. Would appreciate some advise. Thank You
    Have a Blessed Day,

  77. This extract builds lean muscle mass, which weighs more than fat. The fact that you have not lost pounds in such a short amount of time is not an indication that the product isn’t working.

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